Client Background

The client is UK's largest provider of operational support for NHS continuing healthcare working with over 130 hospitals in the UK. They have been working with NHS for over 20 years. They are patient flow experts. They deliver innovative processes and systems that are able to support the NHS reset and recover across the entire health and care pathway.


As with any other business, the client has a required set of business processes to follow in order to manage their day to day operations. This was being done using various Microsoft office products and emails. There was a big disconnect between the processes and different applications used, making it very difficult to manage, track and collaborate these activities. However, unlike any other businesses given their work and scale of operations, this situation was getting out of control with each passing day and growth in business.

They needed a solution that would help them streamline their business processes, a better way to share information, collaborate and manage their day to day activities in order to satisfy the growing needs of the business. And they needed it really quick as they could not afford to wait for solution to be custom developed.


Over a detailed discussion with thee client, Rheal proposed to build an intranet system using the robust capabilities of SharePoint and customize it to meet their requirements. SharePoint Online was chosen as a base to build the intranet portal as much of the functionalities natively offered by SharePoint could be put to good use given the needs of the client. This would help in faster deliverables in a very cost-effective way instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Using SharePoint as a base, Rheal built a host of solutions to fulfill all the business process requirements, which included document storage and management, business process forms with workflows, information collaboration etc.

Home Page:

Administration Forms:

Hotel and Travel Request Forms:

HR Forms:

Activity Request:

GP/Surgery Request:

Hotel Accomodation Request:

Hotel Request For Interviews and Training:

  The Result

With Rheal's insightful and cost-effective approach of using SharePoint as a base, the client is extremely impressed with our solution and are actively using it on a day to day basis without any complains over the past couple of years. Rheal continues to engage with the client to build and customize the intranet portal to meet the growing needs of the business.