Client Background

Buchanan Technologies is an award winning enterprise level IT managed service provider organization based on Dallas, Texas serving a large number of customers for the past 25 years across the United States.


As with any large service provider, BT has been traditionally offering offline and online Helpdesk support to their customers for logging service requests and tracking them until the resolution. However with a growing customer base and mega enterprises on board, BT faced the following issues in its quest to commit to top-notch quality service to their customers:

  • BT needed to adopt ITIL based service desk system available 24/7 to their customers with highly responsive support staff and prompt dispatch of field technicians.
  • BT's contracts with their customers required to have systemic mechanisms in place to track and report real-time 'service level agreements' to ensure transparent and quality service.
  • Needed a system that would mitigate silos within the organization such as the disparate data available through robotic systems on asset health etc.
  • Required that the system assist in proactively identifying and preventing any issues from escalating into major damages.
  • The system be smart enough to identify recurring issues.
  • The system be capable enough to prioritize issues based on their severity and other configurable criteria.
  • The system be capable of centrally allowing the executives to efficiently assign ownership and accountability to the tasks for speedier resolution.
  • The system be built optimally utilizing BT's existing server resources with limited capital expenditure in mind.


To address the challenge of hosting a large customer base, concurrency issues, and to utilize BT's existing server infrastructure and resources optimally, Rheal proposed to adopt a cloud based SAAS model for building a multi-tenant application. The solution leveraged the dynamic apportioning of server resources based on customer's demands spread in different geographical locations. By proposing a SAAS model, Rheal also addressed the proposed system's need to have a service oriented architecture which naturally fit well in a cloud based model.

Rheal addressed the challenge faced by BT managers in meeting their SLA targets by embedding real time ticket tracking tools and designed the interface in a manner suitable for managers to track turnaround time or first action turnaround time, execution time , issue resolution time and issue closure time.

Rheal integrated the main helpdesk system with BT's robotics component called Kaseya in order to ensure automated asset health monitoring and proactive identification of any severe issues. In order to achieve ITIL compliance, Rheal integrated BT's helpdesk with BT's existing asset management application.

Rheal employed fairly complex string search algorithms for root cause analysis for the prevention of issues from recurring in the future. We used geo-mapping for efficient assignment of tickets based on the engineer's proximity to customer site and their availability.

BT's vast knowledge base was made available within the system which assisted the engineers in resolving the problems in speedy manner with a help of a highly evolved search engine with easy and quick access to resources.

  The Result

Rheal played a transformative role by understanding BT's business and customer needs and developed a solution specially designed to meet their work flow, performance tracking and reporting requirements. It helped BT service staff in meeting their SLA targets by embedding real time ticket tracking tools and designed the interface for managers to easily track their KPIs.

"The ideas and responsiveness by Rheal have been far beyond my own expectations. It has been a pleasure to work with a firm which not only accommodates and understands our requests, but also adds immense value by constantly thriving for perfection. Rheal has been very prompt and flexible to increase or decrease the team size on demand, to compress the schedule and to accommodate the additional scope of work as it arises. The team provided to us has been of high quality. It has remained stable for a long time without too much turnover and has seamlessly integrated with our local team. Shankar, the project manager assigned to us, has been able to take complete responsibility across all our projects and has taken personal interest in our success. Looking forward to our continued relationship."

Jim Buchanan
CEO, Buchanan Technologies.