Client Background

Based in Port Moody, B.C. Canada, Ockham Systems Inc. is a consulting company which services clients in Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Ockham Consulting has been in business for over 15 years providing systems integration and development. Ockham contacted Rheal to assist in the development of a web and ipad application for Construction Project Management system focusing on the needs of the builders and Architects.


  • Quality-works is the primary web based project management application where all the projects were created along with the actionable items, procedures, processes etc. Architects and consultants working on a project frequently visited the construction site which were generally in remote locations having no internet access. Due to the inaccessibility of the web application, the architects were forced to use print outs of the actionable items and processes to the site instead of working on them electronically. It became very cumbersome for the users to manually maintain the actionable items in writing and update them in the system when back they got back to the office.
  • Since most of the actionable items required the need to attach the pictures of the construction site, the architects / consultants used a digital camera, iPad or any mobile device to take these pictures while on the site. The pictures were then manually transferred to the PC or a Laptop and then associated to the proper action or process of the particular project site within the Quality-works web application.


Rheal developed a native mobile application for the iPad using the Xamarin cross platform development tool. Using this mobile app, the architects could now download and store all the necessary project information from web application onto the iPad before visiting the project site. Not requiring internet connectivity anymore, the users could directly save the information/photos in the app on iPad. Once the architects were back in the office, they could easily sync the saved information back into web application. Pictures clicked from the iPad can now be attached to the actionable items and processes and posted directly to web application. This saved the architects 80% of their time of manually transferring and managing the pictures related to each project.

  The Result

Rheal helped Ockham Systems in solving some of the tedious issues faced by their Architectural clients. The mobile app simplified the complex work flow and provided a tremendous value add to their existing web application.

"The customer support and professionalism that Rheal provides has always been of top quality, they always go above and beyond to make sure I am satisfied. Rheal has always impressed me by their adaptability and excellent in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies. Recent example has been the development of the mobile app for iPad which has helped our architects to work on the construction site and sync the data back to the server when in office. This app has been a revolution for us and have saved our laborious work considerably. Rheal are a key part of our future, so it is unthinkable to grown without them as a future partner. Keep up the good work!"

Mark Silvester
President, Ockham Consulting